Our Program Pathways

1 Pain Relief

6 Sessions

The first step of your rehab program is to stop the pain as quickly as possible with all-natural means.  We use specialized movements, exercises, and hands-on procedures to accomplish this. Other treatments that accelerate pain relief may be available for a nominal fee if not covered by insurance.  

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2 Restore Normal Function

12 Sessions

The second part of your rehab program involves restoring you to "normal" function.  We know how important it is for you to perform the activities of normal everyday life.  Like getting out of bed safely.

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3 Maintenance & Prevention

6 Sessions

Once you're better, it's important to maintain full function and avoid re-injury.  Our "Maintenance" stages involves once per month sessions x 6 months following your discharge from rehab.  Optional membership subscription available.

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4 Fitness

Custom Sessions

As experts of movement and exercise for those who have had injury, we recommend you participate in our "Fitness Program for Rehab Patients" instead of going to a personal trainer who may not be trained to work with someone with special rehab needs and considerations.  There are 12, 24, 36, and 48 sessions package for up to 6 months program depending on your fitness goals.  Optional membership subscription available.

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5 Wellness

24 Sessions

The final stage of our program pathway is to promote an optimal level of health by reducing stress, promoting more youthful movement, and whole-body wellness.  This is a 24-month stage.   Optional membership subscription is available.

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6 Elite Sports

3 Months Program 

After surpassing the 5 stages of wellness, there's always room for improvement or learn something new.  This is our exclusive elite sports wellness stage design for professional athletes to further improve their performance, or for those who wants to start a new sport.  Training will be intense and will be out on the fields and include outdoor activities with complete lifestyle change.

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How your PPO Insurance Works!

Please watch guide for PPO plan patients video here.